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Save up your weeks worth of dirty clothes and bring 'em to the Discount Coin Laundry.  Use two of our huge  washers that can hold 80 pounds of dirty clothes and turn "Laundry day" into "Laundry Hour"!!


inkstainTrue or False: More detergent equals cleaner clothes.

False: Actually, Excess suds can inhibit proper cleaning by holding the dirt in the water rather than washing it away. Only use 1 cup of soap at Discount Coin Laundry.

True or False: All fading is caused by washed-out dyes.

False: Clothes jammed into the washer rub against each other and this agitation produces color loss.

True or False: You can wash down-filled bedding and outerwear.

True: Yes you can wash down-filled bedding. Check care instructions first, but most down can be laundered. Use a large machine and inspect for durability.

True or False: Too much fabric softener can decrease towel absorbency.

True: Skip the softener to restore absorbency.

True or False: Most wrinkles are a result of over-drying.

True: Remove clothes from the dryer promptly to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage.


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Weekend Specials

Midnight to  5 AM         

$2.00 for 18 lb. load

$4.00 for 40 lb. load

$6.50 for 80 lb. load           

*prices subject to change