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inkstainTrue or False: More detergent equals cleaner clothes.

False: Actually, Excess suds can inhibit proper cleaning by holding the dirt in the water rather than washing it away. Only use 1 cup of soap at Discount Coin Laundry.

True or False: All fading is caused by washed-out dyes.

False: Clothes jammed into the washer rub against each other and this agitation produces color loss.

True or False: You can wash down-filled bedding and outerwear.

True: Yes you can wash down-filled bedding. Check care instructions first, but most down can be laundered. Use a large machine and inspect for durability.

True or False: Too much fabric softener can decrease towel absorbency.

True: Skip the softener to restore absorbency.

True or False: Most wrinkles are a result of over-drying.

True: Remove clothes from the dryer promptly to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage.


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